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Architella Feature for Energy Efficiency Abda Window FashionsTrying to stay cool in the summer can be a challenge.  You may want to give your Air Conditioning system in your home a little help.  Your windows are your air conditioners biggest enemy.  The solar heat gain coefficient for a standard double pained window can be as high as .76.  This means that 76% of the solar heat enters the home through your windows.  The worst culprits are your south facing windows that are exposed to indirect solar heat all day.  East facing windows cause the most gain in the mornings and west facing in the afternoon and early evening.

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Covering your windows with custom fit energy efficient shades not only give you privacy, but can also significantly reduce the solar heat gain in your home.   One of the most energy efficient shades is Hunter Douglas’s Architella with its unique construction of a cell within a cell lowering your heat gain to 15%.   If you want more control over the light entering your home, shutters provide that classic look and are a great barrier to the solar heat entering the home.  Shutters lower the heat gain to about 20%.  Adding lined drapery to your home’s décor will not just add color and style to your home but are excellent for cutting your energy costs.



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Large windows, sliding glass doors and French doors can cause quite a bit of heat gain in a home.  Your traditional vertical blind can help a little, but there are much better solutions on the market today.   Several companies now provide an energy efficient vertical cellular shade for large openings.  Hunter Douglas’ Vertiglide can be purchased with the Architella fabric for the most energy efficiency or the Applause fabric for a more economical price.  Other manufacturers such as Comfortex and Alta have similar vertical cellular shades that provide heat gain reduction.  Although most do not think of shutters as an option for sliding glass doors they are a great option.  Either by fold or sliding panel shutters can be installed on a sliding glass to provide a barrier to the sun’s harmful solar heat.  Draperies and curtains once again are a great option for large windows and doors, add a sheer behind them to add some protection while being able to enjoy your view.



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Outdoor spaces are great fun until the sun’s glare and heat become too unbearable.  Using roller screens with the fabrics that reflect the sun’s rays can make your screened in porch or 3 seasons room more enjoyable.

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