Abda Window Fashions in Indiana are your Resource for Energy Efficient Shades!

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Adding energy-efficient window treatments to your home can be the most effective investment to controlling soaring utility bills for Indiana winter and summer weather. Take into consideration that cooling and heating costs account for almost half of the average family’s energy bill.

Studies have shown that 40 percent of the heat that escapes from your home leaves through the windows. And 50 percent of the solar heat that enters a home comes in the same way! To control temperature, maximize energy efficiency and reduce energy bills- look at your room’s exposure to determine the most appropriate window fashions:


North-facing windows offer the clearest, most consistent light and the coldest exposure. Abda’s energy-efficient window treatments will be an optimal choice for this room.

South-facing windows receive good light year-round and cast a warm glow on interiors. Abda’s light-diffusing window treatments will help protect fabric and furniture.

East-facing windows offer warm, bright light, especially in the morning. Abda has products that when in use, will filter out at least 85 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing the fading of floors, furniture, upholstery, draperies and treasured artwork.

West-facing windows admit the hottest, haziest light of the day. Abda’s light-diffusing window treatments will keep this room at comfortable temperatures.

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Design Tip:  Abda’s Energy Efficient Cellular shades fit snug within the window frame and add the best insulation to your windows. (deleted line no longer fabricate shades). Just like layering your clothing keeps you warmer, adding drapery not only looks great but provides added protection from cold air entering your home.