Shutters vs Pirouettes – Which is better?

Not every home is the same and the neither should be the window treatments.  With the range of window options, shutters and shades for your windows is leaving you puzzled about the best choice, no need to worry!  Here’s professional help with the pros and cons of shutters and pirouettes.


KITCHEN 2Shutters. We carry multiple manufactures to fit any budget or design solution. We love the classic tradition of the clean lines of the shutters, offering the sophisticated charm that makes a house into a home. With the convenience of easy clean finishes, straightforward operation and timeless style, shutters are a welcome addition to any home. Innovation of design has brought about the creation of new products that can give you the timeless, classic beauty of shutters, while enjoying all of the benefits of fabric window shadings. Shutters are durable and easily cleaned and are available in hardwood, polyvinyl and faux wood. The faux wood or polyvinyl options are great in humid and harsh sun conditions. Our shutters come in stain and painted colors. During the winter shutters can help to keep the warmth in. Due to the quality of the wood used to manufacture shutters, when they are closed less cool air will enter a room than with curtains or blinds. They are essentially an extra layer of protection. The only negative aspect with shutters when compared to a pirouette is the lack of UV protection when the vanes are completely opened. Depending upon the room location and sun intensity, the UV rays could harm your wood floors, furnishings and artwork.

Many see shutters as being more aesthetically pleasing than curtains or blinds.

hunter douglas heritance shutters_truview_denWith shutters you can have one shutter open and one closed if you choose, as they work individually, one from either side of the window frame. Our shutters also come with split tilt, which allow more functionality options than other products.  With the split tilt, you can operate the top of the shutter while leaving the bottom louvers closed for privacy or sun related reasons. Pirouettes, on the other hand, are usually pulled down from the top of the window, with one blind covering the entire window. Though the pirouette’s vanes open, you do not have the split tilt option as with the shutters.

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Soft Shutters Pirouette Shades

Pirouettes. Pirouette window shadings feature soft, fabric vanes. There are a variety of operational options with pirouettes; including, cord, cordless and motorized. These vanes, while floating horizontally in place, attach to a sheer backing, allowing the entering light to transform from a harsh glare to an ambient glow, dispersing natural light evenly around the room. The fabric vanes easily tilt, for personal adjustments. Upon closing, the fabric vanes come together to present the look of a shade, with levels of room-darkening for the ultimate in light control, privacy and UV protection. The horizontal vanes present the classic look of shutters with the contemporary feel of shadings. Pirouettes also provide a great solution to soften the space with fabrics. Beautifully highlighted with an extensive collection of fabrics, the opportunity for complementary design allows you to coordinate your entire space. The only negative aspect with pirouettes is cleaning. Like most fabric window treatments, you will have to clean the fabric with a damp cloth. Unlike the shutters that can be simply dusted off.

We love our shutters, and we know you do, too. But as much as they appeal to everyone, they just aren’t for every room. With the intense amount of sunshine we receive during the summer, there are times you need to filter it, transform it and even block it out.

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When choosing the right solution for your home, it can be overwhelming. Our design specialists can help you with determining which window treatment is best for your application.


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