Honeycomb Cordless Shades

Closeup Cordless Honeycomb ABDAWe love honeycomb shades because of the energy efficiency. The unique design traps air in the “pockets” to help keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are several ways to operate your honeycombs; such as, with a cord, motorized or cordless.

The video below shows the Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shade with a cordless operation, called LiteRise. The LiteRise system has a handle to easily push up the shade with your hand to raise it or lower it. The shades will stay in any position where you put them without sliding. The cordless operation can work with the traditional shade that only goes up, top-down-bottom-up configuration and shades with side channels.

The honeycomb shades are available in semi-opaque fabric and blackout fabric. The semi-opaque fabric lets the light filter in and the blackout fabric will block the light. For ultimate blackout, pair the honeycomb shade with side channels. 

Benefits of Cordless Shades:

  • Safety: We recommend cordless honeycomb shades in homes with children and pets. The leading manufacturers that have updated their cords to help to prevent strangulation with a break away cord handle, single pull cord options and mounting the cords on the walls. However, not having a cord is still the safest option.
  • Design: Not having the cords visible makes the windows look less cluttered and a cleaner design.
  • Ease: Cordless honeycomb shades are simple to operate.


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