Aluminum Outdoor Shutters

We are excited to introduce our newest line of products to extend the use of your outdoor space.  Transform Your Patio with Aluminum Outdoor Shutters into an outdoor oasis.  Whether it be for a breathtaking patio, gazebo, pool house or a distinctive commercial space, Weatherwell Outdoor Shutters provide privacy for your outdoor entertainment is the only
aluminum shutter system that does it all – style, function, and durability.

This innovative product is a favorite of designers and architects and can be found in some of the country’s most beautiful outdoor spaces, from beachfront homes to the balconies of residential towers. We are bringing this option to our customers in Indiana because of it’s durability in incumbent weather conditions. With Miami-Dade hurricane wind ratings, these award-winning aluminum outdoor shutters, when used outside, are the most superior shutter for strength and durability. The ability to lock the louvers and panels in place protects the shutters and your outdoor furniture from damaging Indiana wind storms.

Outdoor Room with Outdoor Shutters


In addition this versatile aluminum shutter system is also used for innovative purposes in interior spaces, including residences, hotels, and restaurants.  Weatherwell Elite shutters are the ultimate for high use areas and can be used as a security shutter.  Aluminum shutters are a great option for damp areas such as basements, bathrooms and showers.

Outdoor Shutters for Privacy Our supplier builds Weatherwell in Dallas, with the highest quality aluminum and components.

American made and built to last.


Spring has sprung and now is the time to update your outdoor living space.  Choose from our new aluminum outdoor shutters or outdoor patio shades to extend the life of your outdoor living space.  We will help you decide which outdoor products meet your specific needs. Contact us for a free estimate to add privacy, and security to your home and outdoor living space.