Blackout Window Treatments


Most people think of window treatments just to add style and decoration to a room but that’s not the case.  At Abda, we believe in having quality products that not only are fashionable but  also functional and beneficial for your home.  There’s a variety of benefits that window treatments can serve, including; energy efficiency, UV protection, privacy, child & pet safety, daylighting and light control…just to name a few.

Most shades, blinds or curtains allow some type of light through when they are closed which can be very frustrating, especially if you’re trying to take a nap or enjoying a movie in a home theater.  Or with the kids being back in school, it’s sometimes hard to get them to bed early with the evening light shining in the room.

We have a solution.  That is what blackout window treatments were made for.  You can get a variety of products as “blackout”, such as; curtains, shades, blinds, roman shades, honeycomb shades, roller shades, vertical shades, and specialty shades (silhouette, pirouette, luminette).

What are blackout window treatments?

Blackout window treatments were especially designed to block out most of the sunlight from outside. They were actually first used in Britain in WW2 to hide from Nazi planes.  The blackout curtains were drawn at night to conceal the light from the rooms from showing up outside.  The reason was to try to prevent bombing.  If a Nazi pilot saw light coming from a building, the pilot was likely to bomb it.  Now that WW2 is over, the blackout window treatments have a variety of other uses.

What are the benefits of blackout?

1.) Block the Light.  Some treatments can block up to 98% of the light.  People who work at night can suffer from health problems due to their unusual sleep habits. Blackout curtains can create the ambiance of night and help reduce those health problems. For ultimate light blockage it’s best to layer blackout treatments.  For example, a blackout honeycomb shade layered with blackout curtains creates the ultimate darkness.  Layering window treatments are also a wise choice because it adds visual interest and softens the space.

2.) Block the Noise.  Blackout window treatments will also help reduce the noise coming from outside. They will not make the room ‘sound proof’ but they will reduce the noise at least 40%.

3.) Save Energy. Blackout curtains can trap heat in during the winter  and keep light and heat out during the summer. 10-25% of thermal energy loss goes out through the windows. Blackout curtains can curtail this loss by a 25%, reducing your utility bills.  In the summer, Hunter Douglas Duette Architella honeycomb shades can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by up to 80%. And in the winter, the Duette Architella can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 45%.  The energy savings would be increased with layering the Duette Architella shades with blackout curtains.

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Blackout window treatments have a variety of benefits than just blocking natural light which make them a wise choice in any home. At Abda Window Fashions, we have a huge selection of blackout window treatments that block most natural light from entering your window, keeping bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms as dark as you like. With a variety of customizable options, blackout window treatments are available as insulating cellular shades, stylish roller shades and fashionable fabric curtains. Each of these window treatments can be personalized with color and control options perfectly suited to your room and style. Let us help you find the best blackout window treatments for your home.

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