Graber Exterior Solar Shades with motorized lift Patio At Abda window fashions, we can help you with solutions for your Sunroom.  A sunroom is a place to enjoy the great outdoors while being sheltered from the weather conditions such as snow, wind, rain and the sun’s UV rays.  You will need window treatments that can complement the space.  Since the sunroom has a multitude of windows you may want to consider installing motorized or automated shades in this space.  Therefore making it easier to open several of your shades at one time.



Sunroom Design Tips :

Temperature Control- For the Indiana winter weather, extreme heat and cold air is always a concern especially in sunrooms where there is a multitude of glass. Add honeycomb shades to your sunroom windows for energy efficiency.

Daylighting- Sunlight warms and energizes any space but you may want to control the sunlight in the room for glare prevention. We have window treatments that can help bring the daylight into the space while providing UV protection and minimizing glare.

Privacy- If privacy is not a concern but you want to reduce the glare and heat of the sun solar shades are a great option.  You can reduce the amount of heat coming into the room without obstructing your view.

Side Channels and honeycomb architella_skylift_sunroom ABDA


Side Channels_ Skylight Option for Light Blockage ABDA

Skylights also have side and bottom channels for smooth operation.  The channels also prevents the shade from drooping. The channels are used for blackout or non-blackout applications for skylights. The picture above is a sunroom with honeycomb shades (or also known as cellular shades), the side channels are only on the roof (slanted glass) for optimal functionality. The side channels are not needed for the bottom windows since they are not at a slant and light blockage is not an issue in a sunroom.  Click here to learn more about side channels.




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