PS Disney_Ariel At Abda window fashions, we have solutions for your children’s bedrooms. Safety is our number one concern when helping clients find window treatments for their children’s rooms.  The hazard that window coverings pose for young children are dangling cords since it can lead to strangulation.  We have safe window treatments for your children.



Child’s Bedrooms Design Options:

Cord-free Operation-  Cordless window coverings are essential in children’s rooms.  Cordless lift cellular shades are commonly found in children’s rooms because they are easy to operate and provide insulation during the winter months to keep your kids warm.  They come in a variety of colors to match your children’s décor.

Second Story Safety-  Second story windows are a hazard in children’s rooms for the potential threat of a child falling out when the window is open.  Screens in windows have been known to pop out with the pressure of a leaning child and is a big danger especially when windows are present in window seat areas.  To help prevent this, shutters are recommended to provide a second barrier.  The window can be open while having the shutter protect your child from accidently falling out.

Convenience- Motorized shades provide a cord-free safe operation while being convenient.

Blackout- We have a huge variety of window shades that have blackout fabrics to match any décor while keeping your bedroom nice and dark.  Try layering with draperies for the ultimate blackout experience.

Daylighting- Sunlight is great to start the day energized. We have window treatments that can help bring the daylight into the space while providing UV protection, such as silhouette or pirouette.

Design- We have our ‘design your own shade’ line that comes in a variety of custom print options.  Choose from our Disney Characters or use your own logo.  Design your own shade today!


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