Who Can Benefit from Owning Automated Shades?

Automated Shades by Alta

So, who can benefit from owning automated shades?  You might think only those who desire convenience — those who want to control their window shades with their smart phone or tablet. Controlling their shades from where they are, instead of being inconvenienced by having to go to the window to adjust the shades in their home. Also, through a cloud based mobile app they can control the shades away from home.  However, there are many other groups of people who will benefit from owning automated shades.

People with Mobility Issues

For some people controlling their shades remotely with a smart phone, tablet or by voice control is more of a necessity than a mere convenience.  For the elderly, disabled and those with chronic illness, automated shades may just help make it easier to live independently. As well as reducing the risk of injury or falls from operating out of reach manual shades.

People Who Want to Reduce Their Footprint

Automated shades with their light-blocking and light-filtering capabilities control lighting and temperature to a home increasing the home’s energy efficiency.  Strategically scheduling shades to be open or closed during winter and summer can reduce heating and light bills.

Those Who Work-from-Home

More and more people are taking advantage of the ability to work from home. Creating a space in the home where they can create a perfect balance of natural and artificial light.  It may be important to reduce glare by programming shades to close at certain times of the day.  Likewise opening the shades at other times of the day to allow natural light into the room and a view of the outside world.

People with Children or Pets

The safety of your children and pets should be a contributing factor when deciding which products are best for your home.  The US consumer Product Safety Commission calls corded window coverings one of the “top five hidden hazards” in our homes. Automated shades as well as other cordless options remove this danger.

Those Wanting Increased Security for Their Home

Many homeowners do not think of automated shades to increase security in their homes.  However, with automated shades the homeowner can schedule the shades to be down when they’re not home.  Better yet, smart shades can be put into vacation mode, creating random patterns of the shades opening and closing.

People Who are Slow Risers

Some automated shades are designed with both light-filtering or semi-sheer along with a blackout fabric.  These shades can be programmed so the blackout fabric opens while the semi-sheer or light-filtering shade remains in place.  Programming this function before the alarm goes off is a great way to ease into wakefulness.