Having the Right Solution for your Windows is Important!


Since the temperature has been dropping, you’ve probably been working on your home’s fall to-do list. Many homeowners are getting their homes ready for winter weather, and are looking for ways to stay warm while lowering energy bills. We often look to our windows as a source of energy loss; did you know that without insulation, as much as 50% of your home’s heat can be lost through your windows this winter? In addition to projects like weather stripping to reduce air leakage, having energy efficient window coverings installed can help keep warm air in and cut back on your energy bills when the temperatures fall.

energy efficient window coveringsShades can be especially effective for combating heat loss. Products like our insulating Cellular Shades and Roman Shades are composed of several layers of material, acting as added insulation for your home. These shades help to prevent air loss, keeping your home warm and toasty; just the way you intended. By using window coverings to help reduce heat loss, you can cut back on the amount of extra work your heating system must do to keep your home comfortable.

Drapery isn’t just for looks. Thicker decorative materials can add an extra layer of protection around your home’s windows. Just like layering your clothing helps your body stay warm, drapery with an inner lining provides an extra barrier to hold the heat inside keeping you more comfortable, while increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Proper installation is a must for maximizing the benefits of energy efficient window coverings. Our experts will install your new shades perfectly so they’ll perform as expected. Cellular shades should be installed touching the window frame, but not the window. Heat is attracted to your cool window panes; by creating a pocket of air in between the window and the window covering, the air existing within the space is held in against the panes, preventing the heat within your room from accessing the cool air around your windows. Comfortex goes even further to insulate your windows with their side channel installation system, which seals the gap between your cellular shades and window frames. This seal prevents your warm air from reaching those cool window panes, and creates a barrier for drafts.

Having the right window coverings certainly helps increase your home’s efficiency, and knowing how to use them can also reduce your energy use this winter. If there are rooms in your home which receive direct sunlight during the day, open your blinds, shades, and curtains to allow the natural heat from the sun’s rays to warm the room. Be sure to close them again in the evenings to help prevent heat loss.

Energy efficient window coverings which help you stay warm in the winter can also help keep you cool in the summer. The same insulating technology helps prevent the hot summer sun from heating up your house when you’re not looking for any extra warmth.

Don’t forget about your sliding glass doors! They act the same as windows do when heat loss is concerned. Abda Window Fashions also offers cellular sliders to protect your home from energy waste while keeping you comfortable.

If you have questions about how energy efficient window covering can help improve your home’s comfort and efficiency, please contact us. Abda Window Fashions can provide answers to your questions, as well as help you choose the best coverings for your home.