We’re less than a month away from Valentine’s Day, and there’s no better time to spice up your bedroom décor. Whether you’ve got plans to cuddle up with your sweetie, or a good book, custom drapery, bedding and upholstery can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary. Updating your bedroom now will allow you to enjoy it beyond February 14th.

When planning a bedroom makeover, think carefully about the styles you like and the mood you want to create. From traditional to contemporary, there are custom upholstery options available to set the tone. Having an idea upfront about how you want your bedroom to feel once you’re finished can be a valuable guide for color choices and design options.

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Custom Bedding :

There’s no better place to start your bedroom makeover than with your bed. Creating custom bedding gives you endless options to combine colors, textures, fabrics, and trims; you won’t find this kind of selection at a bedding retailer. Make over the bed you’ve been dreaming in and create the beautiful bed you’ve been dreaming of! Duvet covers, bed skirts, shams, and throw pillows can all be created in the fabrics of your choice to create the look you want to achieve. Whether you want a plush, inviting look, or simple charm, the right bedding can pull it off.



Custom Upholstered Headboards and Backdrops:

Make your bed the focal point of the room with a custom upholstered headboard or a luxurious backdrop. Upholstered headboards are very popular, as well as versatile. Different silhouettes and fabrics can be used to create a variety of different looks, ranging from romantic to modern. Choose a fabric to accent your bedding to really tie the look together.

Enhance the area above and behind the headboard to draw attention to the bed Covering the wall behind your bed can create a warm and cozy feeling, and patterns can be used for more variation- just make sure they don’t clash or overshadow with others around the room. Hanging curtains from floor to ceiling can give your bedroom a luxurious feeling and add texture. Using vertical patterns can make your ceilings appear higher. If you don’t want to take over an entire wall, sticking with the area just above and around your bed can provide the same effects; try a canopy for just this area.

Custom Window Treatments:

Your choice of window treatments will help your room come to life. With custom window treatments, you can use heavy fabrics to block out light and create a dim, romantic atmosphere. For a light and airy feel, you may choose to go with something sheer or gauzy, which is romantic in its own right. Decorative hardware such as finials and curtain tie backs add another element of detail to your bedroom design.


Custom Upholstered Furniture:

If your bedroom has room to spare, a sitting area can be a great addition to your space. If you’re truly wanting to turn your bedroom into your own private sanctuary, additional seating besides your bed provides the perfect place to retreat for a little relaxation. If you have a favorite chaise lounge or armchair, have it reupholstered to fit the new look of your bedroom. Custom upholstery can revamp old or worn-out furniture, giving it new life.

Now is the time to begin your Valentine’s Day bedroom makeover! From custom bedding to reupholstering your favorite seat, Abda Window Fashions provides all the custom drapery, bedding and upholstery services needed to create the bedroom you desire. Call us today to learn more about custom upholstery for your bedroom.