How to Dress your Windows for Winter

Stroheim_RivoliVelvet AbdaProfessional hikers know the importance of layering.  The advantage of using layers is that when active or the sun has heated things up, you can simply take off an insulating layer before your body begins to overheat.   Replace your wind proof shell and you are on your way.  When the hiker becomes less active or the sun goes down and the wind kicks up, he can easily replace the insulating layer to stay warm.  Just as hikers have tricks to adjust for changing temperatures, there are simple tricks to dress your windows for winter.

Layers are also important for your home, to keep your home comfortable and more energy efficient.  Most homes have layers of insulation in their walls.  These permanent layers stop at your doors and windows.  Here is where you can use the science of a winter hiker to make your home more energy efficient by layering your window coverings.  Start with an energy efficient, if possible, inside mounted shade.  This can be a cellular shade, double cell honeycomb shade or a lined roman shade.  Adding sheers and drapery not only adds style and color to your home, they also give you the advantages of the well-dressed hiker.

provenance_easyrise_bedroom (3)To keep your home comfortable in the evening when the sun is down and the wind is blowing, you of course, will want all your window covering layers closed.  For your east facing windows, it is beneficial to open your window shades, sheers, curtains and drapery, to invite the warmth of the sun into your home on a calm sunny morning.  The same is true for your west facing windows on a sunny afternoon.  If you are experiencing windy weather on a sunny day, you can take advantage of your middle layer of sheers.  By opening your insulating shade and outer drapery layer and keeping your middle sheer layer closed, the sheers will help to keep that cold breeze out while still letting in the warmth of the sun.


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