Metal Blinds are Back –  With a Whole NEW Look!

mpmelements_stacked_2Do you like a modern or urban look with lots of metal fixtures?  Or possibly you are interested in creating that 50’ retro look.  Today’s aluminum blinds (mini blinds) are the ideal choice to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Many manufacturers have recreated this classic look to include a sleek contoured headrail in an updated color pallet.  Hunter Douglas’s Modern Precious Metals® are a perfect example of the upgrades made to this classic product.   They come in a variety of slat sizes, shimmering metals, natural textures and distinctive wood accents. Not only are they sturdy, lightweight and functional, these window fashions also offer a clean, simplified design.




The Modern Precious Metals® have a variety of options including child safe options.  Their LiteRise feature in the Décor®, Macro and Natural Elements lines allows you to raise and lower your blinds without the use of a pull cord.  Hunter Douglas’s PowerTilt™ in their Macro and Natural Elements allow you to open and close the vanes with a push of a button.  A unique option for the Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals® is Reveal™ with MagnaView™.  This patented design allows slats to nest together, enhancing your view by doubling the view-through space.

Metal blinds are available in ½”, 1” and 2” slat sizes.  The small headrail and design of the ½” are great for French doors and windows with less mounting depth.  1” is great for a more traditional or retro look.   The 2” style brings a bolder look with some great fashion forward colors and styles.  Add a wood valance and cloth tapes to create a unique look to compliment your home’s décor.


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