Abda Window Fashions Specializes in Cellular or Honeycomb Shades

Hunter Douglas applause honeycomb shade literise_livingroom_3Abda’s Cellular shades in Indianapolis are also referred to as honeycomb shades and are built with small ‘cells’ or honeycomb-shaped pockets.  they are designed to keep air from escaping or entering your home. These shades are not to be confused with pleated shades, since they are different products with different construction properties.

Our Cellular Shades in Indianapolis are versatile, eye-catching and have great insulating capabilities, which make them ideal for virtually any setting.  The single, double and triple cells block drafts, keeping rooms  warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They boost energy efficiency and also effectively control light– offering a range of opacity levels from light filtering to blackout. Abda’s Indianapolis Cellular Shades come in multiple operational options, including, traditional cord, cord-free hardware, motorization and vertical (patio door) solutions

We have Solutions for Uniquely Shaped Windows!  

Uniquely shaped windows are sometimes frustrating to homeowners when shopping for window coverings to fit.  Our Cellular Shades in Indianapolis also come in specialty shaped sizes and can accommodate almost any hard-to-fit window, from sliding glass and French doors, to arches, trapezoids, octagons and skylights, these movable or stationary treatments are customized to your exact specifications. Abda’s cellular shades are hand crafted for a precision fit and also deliver energy smart performance just like standard rectangular shades. Our trained associates will help you choose which cellular shade option is right for your home.

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Our Indianapolis Cellular Shade brands includes; Hunter Douglas Architella and Applause Shades, Norman , Alta Cell Shades, Layfayete Honeycomb Shades, & Comfortex Colorlux Shades.




Why should you hire us for window covering project?hunter douglas applause blackout shades

Abda is a family run business that has over 16 years of experience in the window treatment industry, we live up to our reputation and make client satisfaction a number one priority. Abda means ‘Servant’ and we strive to serve our customers with the best professional service available in the window fashion industry.  Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us.

Our professional technicians specialize in the installation of shutters, roman shades, roller shades, cellular shades, curtains and blinds in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our trained Design Specialists are happy to provide you with all the information needed to help you select the best window treatment options for your home.




Honeycomb Shades or Pleated Shades?

Pleated Shades have been replaced with more energy efficient Honeycomb Shades.  Pleated shades came in a variety of patterns and had some appeal for there versatility.  However with the added energy savings benefit that cellular constructed shades provided, the single pleat type shades lost popularity and are now hard to find.  In addition, the exposed cords on the back of the pleats would not meet today’s Child Safety Standards.



Side Channels on Cellular Shades for Optimal Light Blockage!

Side Channels_ Skylight Option for Light Blockage ABDAThe cellular shade (or also known as honeycomb shade) in this picture have aluminum side channels, a sill channel and or flat bottom bar.  This is basically a frame around the shade that prevents light leakage around the edges. This is a great option when you want to have the optimal light blockage for room-darkening applications and A/V applications.  Click here to learn more about side channels. 



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Abda Window Fashions Cellular Shades

Some of the Cellular Shade (Honeycomb Shade) Products that we carry are listed below:

Applause Hunter Douglas Shades in Indianapolis

Duette Hunter Douglas Shades in Indianapolis

Portrait Norman Shades in Indianapolis

CrystalPleat Cellular Graber Shades in Indianapolis

Honeycomb Alta Shades by Kathy Ireland in Indianapolis

Persona Cellular Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

Symphony Cellular Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

Premiere Cellular Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

Debut Cellular Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

Virtuoso Cellular Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

Baritone Cellular Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

ComforTrack Sidetrack Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

SlumberShadesComfortex Shades in Indianapolis

Ovation Comfortex Shades in Indianapolis

Parasol Lafayette Shades in Indianapolis