Protect Children from an Unnecessary Accident!


October is Child Safety Month in the window coverings industry. It’s a great time to reevaluate your window coverings and choose safer solutions, as well as assess the safety of other areas in your home. Below are a few essential safety tips to improve the safety of your home for any little ones who may be around.

1. Furniture

Evaluate the placement of your furniture. Never put cribs, playpens, toddler beds, or other low-sitting furniture near windows. Your curtains can attract the attention of a small child, so limit their reach and reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by window fixtures being pulled down, as well as other objects hanging on walls. Secure heavy furniture, like bookcases, to wall studs to prevent tipping if a curious child is climbing.

2. Windows
By limiting the areas where children can climb, you can reduce the risk of a child falling out a window. Also, install window stops to prevent windows from being opened too far, and lock windows when not in use. Window guards can also be used to prevent falls.

3. Doors
Limit a child’s ability to open doors. Sliding doors should have locks installed to prevent children from opening them; this will also help prevent pinched fingers! Door knob covers are helpful for keeping children (and some sneaky pets) out of areas where they need not be.

4. Stairs
If you have stairways or sunken rooms within your home, use safety gates to prevent children from falling down stairs. There are a wide range of products available with the functionality you’re looking for, even ones which can blend with your home’s decorating scheme. Make sure your banisters are secure, and use rail guards if they are spaced wide enough that a child could fall through.

5. Cords

Keep cords out of reach. This goes for window coverings, appliances, extension cords, and more. By keeping cords out of reach, you’ll reduce the risk injury from falling equipment, strangulation, as well as electric shock. For window coverings, cordless is the safe option!

6. Outlets
Electrical outlets are often within reach of small children. Prevent shocks by using childproof covers on any outlet children can access.

7. Choking Hazards
Check your home for choking hazards. Small objects pose a dangerous threat to small children. Keep all small things out of reach to prevent choking. Also, check equipment and other items within your home for small, removable pieces that a child could insert into their mouth. Inspect toys all toys before giving them to your child for pieces which could pop off and pose a choking hazard.

8. Heating Elements
Some elements of your home’s heating system may be located within reach of small children. Keep your children safe from burns by using child-safe covers over radiators and baseboard heaters. If you use space heaters in your home, choose child-safe models and those with safety features such as automatic shut-off if the unit is tipped over or picked up.

In honor of Child Safety Month, Abda Window Fashions will give you a hand with those pesky cords! During the month of October, we’re offering a special on cordless window shades. Any home with small children, or even curious pets, should use cordless shades to prevent accidents. Call us today for more details.