Why is it Taking So Long?

We have all seen the shortages of toilet paper, sanitizer and meat in our stores during the COVID 19 pandemic.  For the most part many store shelves are back to normal.  This is not the case for some manufactured products.  In the Window Covering Industry we are seeing shipping delays on average of 3 to 6 weeks.


COVID-19 Delays


Below are a few reasons for the delays:

  1. Reduction of Skilled Workforce: Many manufacturers skilled staff have not returned after the mandatory shutdowns.
  2. High Demand: The Construction Industry has continued to be strong.  More significantly, the housing market has continued to be strong throughout the pandemic. This has created a large back log for products that support that industry.
  3. Shortage of Raw Materials: This has created a delay in receiving rails, tubes, and internal parts to build the final product.


It is best to start your projects early to avoid missing your deadline. Be patient with us and other home improvement companies.  We continue to stand by all the products we sell.  As a result, we will do our best to meet deadlines and assure that we meet your expectations.

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