Bendable Curtain Rod for Tapestry

This photo is of a tapestry on a curved wall that is mounted with Abda’s Bendable Rods on the top and bottom of the tapestry. The bendable rods are a versatile product that are made with a steel interior structure with a resin overlay. This picture and the interior design project is from Lisa Dougherty with Soca Interior Design. Abda’s bendable rods can be used for Bay Windows, Shower Rods, Porches (Out-Door Living Space), RV’s, Room Dividers and more. Lisa was the first client to use our exclusive bendable rods for a tapestry construction.

Lisa Dougherty_ tapestry

Lisa Dougherty, founded the Soca Interior Design Firm. She has been recognized in New Hampshire for her distinct residential décor with new homeowners. Lisa’s passion for color and design has equipped her with the important skills necessary to professionally design and create spaces that look fabulous and flow.

Soca Interior Design is an interior design firm located in Manchester, NH. At Soca, they believe that a successful design begins with distinguishing their clients’ goals and objectives. Soca specializes in residential and commercial design; including, new construction and remodeling. They’ve also been featured in New Hampshire Magazine.



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