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At Abda window fashions, we know that the kitchen can be a place for joy, laughter and savory home cooked meals.  It can also be a place of spills and high heat from cooking. You need durable coverings that are equipped to properly handle the kitchen conditions and are easily cleaned.


Kitchen Design Tips :

Easily Cleaned- Kitchens need durable, easily-cleaned window coverings.  We have solutions that are perfect for these areas that can complement any décor. Try faux wood blinds or shutters for easily cleaned surfaces.  If you would like to add texture to your kitchen design, try our woven woods.  The natural woven fibers do not show dirt as much as a solid shade and compliment your décor.

Privacy- It’s important to not feel like you’re living in a fish bowl when you’re cooking in the kitchen and having the right combination of privacy and daylighting is important. We have top-down bottom-up treatments that might be the right solution for you.

Design- The décor of a room is important and the kitchen should have treatments that not only look good but are conducive for the environment.  Our custom valances or cornices can add drama or a quiet back drop to any room.  We have a vast selection of fabrics that will match any room and can be paired with shades or blinds.


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