At Abda window fashions, we can help you with solutions for your Home Office.  The style of home offices can vary in design and uses.  Any type of window covering can be used depending upon the use and style of the space.

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Office Design Tips:

Street View- We know that keeping the street view consistent can be import for some clients.  Shutters are a timeless choice for your office.  You can complement street view upstairs windows with coordinating wood blinds to give the illusion of wood blinds without the cost.

Design- The décor of a room is the first thing that is noticed in a space.  Having window treatments that complement the design is crucial. Our custom curtains & draperies, valances or cornices can add drama or a quiet back drop to any room.  We have a vast selection of fabrics that will match any room.

Daylighting- Sunlight warms and energizes any space but you may want to control the sunlight in the room for glare prevention. We have window treatments that can help bring the daylight into the space while providing UV protection and minimizing glare, such as silhouette, pirouette and much more.

Glare- The glare on a computer or desk will need to be controlled.  With our vein controlled window treatments, such as silhouette or pirouette, glare is no longer an issue. Or try our motorization for instant glare control with a touch of button.

Our design specialists can help you today!