A Goodnight Rest is Important for Your Health and Well-Being!


silhouette_adeux_bedroom_4A bright streetlight in a well-lit neighborhood, the full moon on a country night; outside light can have a significant effect on the quality of your sleep. Some people could sleep easily with a spotlight shining through the window, while others are more sensitive to light and it can keep them from falling asleep or getting restful sleep. If your neighbor’s motion lights are keeping you up, or natural light is ruining your sleep for a few nights every 28 days, Abda Window Fashions can help block out light and let you sleep with ease; try Comfortex SlumberShades in your bedroom!

A significant part of our sleep patterns are affected by light. This is why we typically feel more awake in the daytime, and become sleepy when it’s dark. Research shows that sleeping in a dark, quiet space can help you regulate your sleep patterns, allowing for more restful sleep to improve your mood and energy levels when you wake.

As you know, not everyone is on the same schedule as the sun. Natural sunlight can pose a challenge for night shift workers who get the majority of their sleep during the day, as well as babies, children, and others who like to nap during daylight hours. Light-blocking window treatments can solve your daylight dilemmas, allowing everyone to rest easily no matter what time of day.

While you can control the lights inside your sleeping space, you don’t always have a say over the lights outside your windows. You’ll need a solution you can control, so look to where light is entering your room; the windows. Blocking outdoor light using window treatments can allow sensitive sleepers to achieve the darkness they need to rest easily.

You may have heard of “blackout shades” before, but only one product has been endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation. Comfortex SlumberShades are the only window treatment which completely darkens your room so you can sleep peacefully, no matter how light it is outside. SlumberShades effectively block outdoor light sources which can keep sensitive sleepers awake.

Comfortex SlumberShadesComfortex SlumberShades are completely customizable to your décor, unlike some “blackout shades.” Choose cellular or roller shades, your hardware, and your fabric. SlumberShades can be made to fit your windows, so don’t worry about working around a standard size. Comfortex’s sidetrack system blocks light around the edges of the shade; other products leave a gap, proving ineffective for blocking outside light. In addition to light management, the sidetrack system also helps improve energy efficiency! Blocking air leaks along with light, Comfortex SlumberShades offer additional insulation around your windows, which will also help you manage the temperature of your sleep space.

Abda Window Fashions carries Comfortex SlumberShades, along with the complete selection of Comfortex window treatments. If outside light is affecting your ability to get a good night’s (or day’s!) sleep, let us help. Contact Abda Window Fashions today for SlumberShades window treatments which can help you and your loved ones achieve restful sleep at any hour.